The Horror of Halloween Spending

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The Horror of Halloween Spending

photo by Zoey Conner

photo by Zoey Conner

photo by Zoey Conner

Audrey Moore, editor

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According to Fortune magazine, the average American spends $74 on Halloween each year. Though there are many people who greatly enjoy Halloween, including myself, there’s also a portion who feel pressured into participating in the holiday. Halloween can cost a decent chunk of money, and people shouldn’t feel like they have to spend a lot of money on something they won’t enjoy. If you like to dress up in elaborate costumes, decorate your home, give out candy to trick-or-treaters, and all of the other activities that come with Halloween, that’s great. However, for those who aren’t interested, here’s a list of other things you can do on Halloween for $74 or less.

You Could Buy 68 Donuts

The average donut clocks in at 99¢ (About $1.09 with 9.6% sales tax). After crunching the numbers, it turns out that with $74 you could buy about 68 of the delicious, deep-fried little guys. Though this one’s a bit on the silly side, I feel like it’ll have a few Halloween lovers questioning their priorities.

You Could Go Out For a Nice Dinner

Whether it’s with friends or a significant other, you could take the holiday as an opportunity to get some good food. You can feel like you can splurge because you can tell yourself that you’d be spending $74 if you weren’t at your chosen restaurant. According to The Simple Dollar and CNN Money, an average meal at a restaurant in America ranges from $12.75 to $66.81 depending on how pricey the restaurant is. No matter what end of the spectrum you’re on, you’re still saving money!

You Could Wait Until After Halloween and Buy Yourself Candy

Instead of forking over money to give candy to random children in costumes who come to your door, you could save that money to get yourself candy afterwards. Yes, it may seem a bit selfish, but we’re talking about serious savings. According to ABC News, a five pound bag of candy costs about $22. Typically, one bag of candy isn’t enough either. However, after Halloween, stores will sell candy at discounts up to 75 percent off. That knocks that $22 down to $5.50. With that $74, you could buy 13 bags, or have 65 pounds of candy all to yourself!

You Could Dye Your Hair

It turns out that skipping Halloween spending could give you the extra bucks you need to try out that new hair color. According to Thumbtack, dying your hair can range from $60 to $165 depending on hair length, what exactly you want, and the prices in your area/at your preferred salon. It may lean a bit on the higher end of our $74 budget, but saving $74 that you were going to spend anyway definitely takes a good chunk out of the price tag.

You Could Buy a New Outfit

With the weather getting colder, maybe you need a new outfit. Even if you don’t need an entire new outfit, you could get your hands on a jacket, or boots, or whatever you may need. Halloween night is one of the best nights to do it, too. The stores will be relatively empty, as most people are held up with Halloween shenanigans.

You Could Buy a New Video Game

Let’s be honest: video games are pretty darned expensive. Nowadays, the purchase of a video game can dig into your wallet whether you prefer Nintendo, XBox, Playstation, or PC. With the average cost of a console game being $60, the $74 you’d typically spend on Halloween could go towards some new entertainment and some snacks to go along with it. Plus, Halloween is a day that you’re probably not going to be asked to do much, so you’ll get the whole day to enjoy your new game.

The Bottom Line

Like I said, if you genuinely enjoy Halloween, then that’s great! However, there’s no need for anyone to feel like they have to spend money on the holiday because they feel like there’s nothing else they can do.