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Students Win Money to Bring Ideas to Life

Alexander Walters, Reporter

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Three teams from Ottawa High School each won $1,000 dollars to make their ideas come to life in the AdCap (Adventure Capital) Farm-to-Table challenge, partnering with Dairy Farmers of America to create the event.

Five Ottawa students attended the event, including Hannah Roberts [12], Audrey Moore [12], Brandon Pfizenmaier [12], Aaron Campbell [9], and Dane Hart [12].

According to Lori Hower [tech coach], who had attended the event with the students, they came with one idea and left with three.

“Brandon and Aaron’s idea was the Cyclone Snack Track,” said Hower. “Students can order healthy snacks, and it can be delivered to their tier classroom.”

Cyclone Snack Track was the original idea the five students had come in with to the Farm-to-Table challenge, and Pfizenmaier and Campbell expanded on it. The Cyclone Snack Track would also send snacks and food with sports teams. Hower also mentioned that there is space to potentially have a student-run cafe in the culinary area of the new wing, which is still being built.

Their pitch, along with the two other pitches made by Ottawa students, was one of the 15 out of 24 pitches awarded the $1,000 to create their idea.

“Dane was probably only one of five who had a solo pitch,” said Hower. “Dane came up with his own idea. His [idea] was to bring produce that we have available here locally and work locally.”

Hart’s idea, another one of the pitches to win $1,000 towards making it a reality, was called Fresh Food Life. Working with local producers, food at the school would taste better, be cheaper for the school, and benefit the economy of the county.

“Audrey Moore and Hannah Roberts also had a separate idea. Theirs was helping people eat healthy on a budget,” said Hower.

Moore and Roberts’ idea was called Healthy Makes Cents,  to help show students how to eat healthy when perhaps you don’t have enough money to ‘eat healthy’ at a store. They plan to get a demo table to take to the elementary store and a blogging camera to help make a Youtube channel for it, according to Hower.

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Students Win Money to Bring Ideas to Life