Netflix says goodbye to Disney

Hannah Roberts, reporter

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Most of us remember grabbing a bowl of cereal on a Saturday morning and sitting down to watch our favorite Disney shows as a child. As we’ve gotten older, some of those shows have stuck with us through either the middle of the night on Disney Channel or on our favorite streaming services such as Netflix. Netflix brings a lot of shows and movies to the table, but they will be losing all of Disney’s services in early 2018.

According to CNBC, Disney believes that through pulling their services from Netflix and starting their own service, they will increase the amount of money they earn. In 2019, Disney will officially launch their own streaming service. Since Disney has been taking all the original shows off the air and starting new ones much more recently, their viewership has fallen, causing their earnings to decline.

Not all of us have Netflix, or maybe we do and don’t use it specifically for Disney. But for those who love to watch a Disney movie every once in a while, this transition may be difficult. Honestly, I love the convenience of having Disney shows and movies on Netflix. Liv and Maddie, Jessie, and Phineas and Ferb are only a few of the shows and movies that are being pulled from Netflix.

No worries, though. Hulu, another streaming service, is partially owned by Disney. Considering Hulu is also a popular streaming service, Disney shouldn’t be pulling their services from them anytime soon. Disney actually owns part of Hulu, which is why you may see more of a variety of Disney productions on Hulu rather than Netflix. Although Disney is pulling their services from Netflix, there will hopefully continue to be multiple ways to access Disney shows and movies.