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Goat Milk Soap Store strengthens community

Hannah Roberts, Reporter

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Not everyone is aware of local businesses. For Ottawa, Kansas, there’s a lot to be explored. Located at 202 South Main Street, The Goat Milk Soap Store offers a variety of skincare products such as soap, lotion, face masks, and bath bombs.

Goat milk can have so many benefits from not just drinking it, but using it on your skin. At the Goat Milk Soap Store, they use their own goats from their farm to create their products, and it’s not as easy as it seems. According to Joe Riggins [owner], there’s a lot more to making different products than throwing things together.

“The bath bombs, there’s chemistry there. They’re like the little brother that you don’t like all the time. Sometimes they behave and sometimes they don’t. It depends upon the weather and the temperature,” Riggins said.  

The process of making soap takes a little more than an hour, and that’s not including waiting for it to set for 12 hours. Once it is set, the soap can be cut. This is only how they make their bar soap, and the process can be pretty intimidating.

The family uses goat milk for their soaps because of the excess milk they get from their goats. It may have been for a profit, but making the soap has so many more benefits than just making a profit. According to Riggins, goat milk soap hasn’t just benefited the community, but his family.

“We have a large family and we use these products. These products were started because there was an issue we wanted to address in the family. Like dry skin or eczema, or psoriasis,” Riggins said. “Goat milk can have so many benefits to the skin. It can cure dryness and heal wounds, such as burns, faster, and overall give your skin a healthy glow and tone that other manufactured soaps don’t tend to give.”

Joe thought it was important to connect with a community, so once he and his family moved to a smaller town rather than a big city, community became important within his business.

“We didn’t want to go to a big city because that’s just not who we are, and we wanted to be part of the community. And we know that it takes a lot of different things to make a strong community and we thought we might be able to bring a new aspect, a new opportunity,” Riggins said.

Soap made from goat milk isn’t something you see everyday, but because of Joe and his family, people are able to get quality-made products for the fraction of a price that manufactured products are.

So why buy locally? Buying locally gives families of that business a chance to shine. Instead of spending money at chain businesses where the money goes to essentially nowhere, you could be supporting the community. Products made from home and from the heart mean so much more to customers. Because of Joe and his family, the community has a chance to come together and support a business that could potentially become something bigger.

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Goat Milk Soap Store strengthens community