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Car show tradition brings community together

Tyler Roberts, Reporter

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The theme for the Ol’ Marais River Run Car Show in 2017 September 15 and 16 was all about going back to the 60s. There were old cars, old music, and plenty to enjoy during the car show. Friday’s show included cars of any age, make or model, and Saturday featured cars older than 1970, providing a good balance for all viewers.

I think the theme was great because it just goes along with the old cars and it just sets it off the right way,” Cade Yohe [11] said.

The annual car show helps the community by bringing in money that goes back into the community through donations, scholarships and other businesses. Most of the money that comes in goes to scholarships for students who are interested in going to school for automotive related fields. The rest of the money gets donated to organizations such as, Franklin County Cancer Foundation and Franklin County Diabetes Association. The entire event is completely revolved around the community, whether it’s in the form of helping businesses or just being entertainment for people to view.

People spend years working on a car just until they think it is ready to be put in the car show. The car show brings families together and gives people something to put all of their effort into. Each car that enters the car show has a story behind it and countless hours of work put into them, just for people to see in a two-day event.

Friday’s events took place at Forest Park and featured cars of any make and model. Saturday, however, was the Ol’ Marais River Run spanning from Tecumseh street to 7th street, and only showed cars that were made in 1970 or before. The Ol’ Marais River Run car show is one of the biggest in the midwest United States according to the Ol’ Marais website.

“It’s amazing that a small town could host such a large event, just goes to show how important the automobile is and how much people love them,” said Dennis Menefee, OHS automotive teacher.

The whole event shows people what the streets and towns were like back in the 1960s. Some people go to the event not even for the cars, but because of the atmosphere of the whole event itself. The car show is always a great community event, and is a fun way to link the past to the present.

Most people that go to the car show and cruise night have been going for multiple years in a row. The show and cruise night is a great example of tradition for families that enjoy automotive history. People go to the car show just to hang out with their friends and take the day for themselves.

“It’s a great opportunity that really brings the town together,” Jeremiah Scrutchfield [11] said. “It shows an interesting period in automotive history, and is a great day for families to go out and have fun.”

The sentiments of Cameron Glenn [12] are similar.

“I have been going to the show and cruise night for 10 years and still plan on going every year for a very long time,” Cameron Glenn [12] said.

The motives behind Glenn going to the show and cruise night for so long, are because he agrees with what Scrutchfield is saying. What Scrutchfield said is the reason why many families go. Families in Ottawa know how important it is to take advantage of this event. The entire two day event is a great time to spend time with family and enjoy the past during the present.

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Car show tradition brings community together