Black Friday Horror Stories

Hannah Roberts, Reporter

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Black Friday is known to be an insane time of the year. It’s a time where people can get great deals on different items, making it easier financially to shop for Christmas gifts. This doesn’t mean the experience is easy in any way. We sent out a form a few weeks ago asking students about their Black Friday experiences, and if they had any horror stories. A lot of them were quite funny.

“Some dude punched a security guard in the face because he thought he was a customer skipping to the front of the line,” Erin Wooge [9] said.

“My parents and I were black Friday shopping and there was a fight over a hatchimals between these two guys and they both got kicked out of the store and neither one was allowed to buy it. Another time a lady went up to my cart which I was standing by and took stuff I was going to buy out of it and put it in her cart,” Hannah Caruthers [10] said. Caruthers said that she told the lady it was her cart, but didn’t really act on it in because she didn’t think it was worth the fight.

“I’m a really small person, and when I turned 15 my parents decided I was the perfect addition to their Black Friday team. We got to Walmart and they handed me a list of items and when they would be available. It was a madhouse. I was squeezing between people, crawling on the ground. Basically, it was my job to keep track of time and get to the front of the line. By the time we were done I was tired, bruised and ready to go home. I didn’t even get to eat my pumpkin pie that year,” Mia Tomason [11] said. Tomason said that she really did have to crawl because it was the easiest way to get to things.

It’s most definitely an interesting time of the year to say the least, but most people will do anything to get their hands on awesome deals. Enjoy your Black Friday shopping, and stay safe. Some of these situations might just happen to you.