The return of the teachers

Tyler Roberts, reporter

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English teachers are almost back.

The construction for the new English classrooms in the 200 hall, as well as the furniture for those rooms, is said to be finished this week. English teachers are hopeful to then be allowed to move into their rooms on Feb. 15.

This is great news for both students and staff.

“I am very excited to be in my new classroom! This room will be a better use of space and resources. We have lots of whiteboards for use in the classroom which is fantastic,” Taylor Seurer [English teacher] said.

The new English classrooms also have a few unique additions that benefit the students and teachers.

“There will be a barn door to open and close separating the classroom from a study space. It will be awesome to open the door where students can spread out and work in spaces that will help them best. We also have doors to the outside for lovely weather days. I cannot wait for that!” Seurer said.

With the English teachers being back that means students won’t have to walk over to the middle school and therefore be late, giving them full time in class. This also means there will be less students slipping and falling due to ice.