Lost billfold finally found

Morgan Waterman, reporter

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Students lose items in high school and most of the time never get them back. There is a special case, though, that happened in our very own Ottawa High School. Twenty years ago, Casey Black lost his wallet in junior year, thinking it was taken out of his P.E. locker that wasn’t locked up correctly. Eventually, he forgot about it and now, 20 years later, it has been unexpectedly found.

While the construction crew was demolishing the library, they came upon a wallet and gave it to David Morford [principal], who thought it would only be right to give it back to the original owner. Jessica Johnson [attendance secretary] and Carol Finch [athletic secretary] helped him trace the owner back.

Morford then took the wallet to Beth Black’s [math teacher] classroom and told her to return it to the original owner. Black said that at first she was confused, but then was “shocked to see my husband’s face” when she opened the wallet and looked at the driver’s license.

Black then went on to return the wallet to her husband. She told him that she had found his wallet and he became confused. After she handed it to him, he realized that it was his lost wallet from 20 years ago and was amazed.

Inside the wallet was his driver’s licence (farm permit), a cash card, his USA wrestling competitors membership, a business card for OHS teacher Mark Laws, a business card for an army recruiter, a business card for ‘Buffalo Trading Co’ of Bigfork, MT, and insurance cards.

“It is crazy that a wallet lost 20 years ago could be returned so easily! Coach Black and I both work for USD 290 so it could be returned without leaving the building,” Black said.