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Winter Royalty bashes on tradition with Winter Bash

Saige McClay [12] wraps toilet paper around Blaine Ray [12], mummifying him. Photo by Tyler Roberts

Saige McClay [12] wraps toilet paper around Blaine Ray [12], mummifying him. Photo by Tyler Roberts

Saige McClay [12] wraps toilet paper around Blaine Ray [12], mummifying him. Photo by Tyler Roberts

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Winter Royalty has been a tradition at Ottawa High School for many, many years now. The annual event, hosted by OHS Student Council, includes an assembly, spirit days, and a dance. This year, there’s a new twist on the traditions with Winter Bash.

Students are initially nominated by the senior class to become the Winter Royalty King and Queen. Voting by the student body narrows the field of candidates, then the six candidates are recognized at the assembly the Monday before Friday’s game and crowning.

“Fall activities had the block party and students in Student Council decided that winter sports also should have a showcase event, so we decided to create one and called it Winter Bash,” Beth Black [Student Council advisor] said.

Saige McClay [12] first mentioned the idea. According to McClay, she first thought of it because of the lack of recognition for Winter Royalty as opposed to Homecoming.

“I felt like Winter Royalty was stepped on and nobody really cared about it as much as they did homecoming,” McClay said.

In order to make this happen and highlight these events, Student Council does much work behind-the-scenes. Rosalinda Marquez [11] was on the committees to help prepare both the Homecoming and Winter Royalty assemblies.

“Everyone in Student Council worked very, very hard for everything to work out smoothly, and after all that, the hard work does pay off because you get to see people celebrate Winter Royalty, especially with Winter Bash now included,” Marquez said.

The Winter Bash will consist of a number of activities for community and student enjoyment.

“Winter bash will consist of all the sports showing off skills. Cheer, dance, and the mascot will also be performing and we will have candidate speeches and ask the candidates silly questions and have captains speak and wrap up with a three point shot contest,” Black said.

The shot contest is only available to students that bring cans of food to the bash. Students will go up against each other with the basketball team to win a gift card.

“I’m excited to see how it goes and I think it’ll be fun,” Black said. “There is at least one surprise in store that will be pretty entertaining.”

McClay has high hopes for the Bash’s first run. However, she wishes there was something for little kids to play like at the Block Party.

“I think [Winter Royalty] is fun for people, like the assembly is fun to watch. It’s just a fun week,” McClay said.

Winter Bash is Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017, from 6 to 7 p.m. in the North Gym. Remember to bring canned goods.

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Winter Royalty bashes on tradition with Winter Bash