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New Year, New Goals

Charli Fuqua, Reporter

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New year’s resolutions can be a goal or several goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the new year. Some make them in hopes of being a better person, or just to get closer to a bigger goal in life.

A student’s goals can be something complicated, like trying to get accepted to their favorite college, or as simple as just passing the last semester. Like Bella Grammar [12], for example. Her new year’s resolution is to pass all of her classes and to start bettering herself.

“I know I have the ability to pass all of my classes. I just don’t put forth the best to my ability or prioritize,” Grammar said.

A lot of students have this same problem and they handle it in many different ways.

“I plan on accomplishing my goal by doing my work, studying for my tests, and taking really good notes,” Grammar said.

Students can go to FLEX for help with homework or to study. They can also ask the teacher to look over their notes to see if they have all the information needed.

School-based goals are great, but not all new year’s revolutions are about school.

Grammar’s second resolution is to start being happier than she was in 2016.

“I think I can make myself more happy by surrounding myself around better people and doing things that I know make me happy,” Grammar said.

People often don’t realize they surround themselves around negative things and people. By cutting these things out and being surrounded by what brings joy, anyone could make themselves happier than before.

This is not the only way to try to be a better person this 2017. Skye Shoptaw [10], plans to better herself by working out to lose 25 pounds and focusing on her future.

“If I lost 25 pounds I would feel a bit more confident about myself, making me capable of so much more,” Shoptaw said. “I also want to focus on my future so I can stay on the track of who I want to be.”

Shoptaw has made plans to work out every other day and has even made a 30-day meal plan. To focus on her future, she is going to keep her grades up.

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New Year, New Goals