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Eating the Day

We all know that eating and being hungry affects your mood, especially in the morning. Eating breakfast and being active in the morning is really important in order to feel happy and energetic throughout the day. When you eat a good breakfast that you enjoy, it is a lot easier to concentrate and work on things that you need to do; just eating anything for breakfast won’t always work. Most people forget that breakfast is actually a meal, and instead they think of it as a quick bite to block their hunger. Here is a glimpse into the morning meals that drive students through the day.  



“I ate biscuits and gravy and I felt charged up and ready,” Kobe Johnson [9] said.


“I eat waffles, with butter and syrup, and an apple with water to drink,” Weston Smith [10] said. 


Jeremiah Scrutchfield [10] eats cereal with milk. 

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