Ferioli: Back in Business

Anissa Ferioli, Reporter

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On behalf of The Review staff

Newspaper is one of those classes that make a person really think about how to write. I was in newspaper my sophomore year and was a horrible writer, but this class made me better. That’s why I was so upset that I didn’t get to start my junior year in newspaper, even though I had multiple reasons to leave.

It took up too much of my time that I could have spent on my core classes. For example, we have to find a story, ask someone to let us interview them and find a time to interview them. After the interviewing process, we have to write the story, design the page, and edit the story. It takes about two to three weeks to do it all, depending on the amount of procrastination that occurs. I could not concentrate on my normal classes and newspaper, therefore I dropped the class.

Newspaper is fun when there is nothing to do, mostly because everyone is talking or showing each other cringy memes. But when we actually get to work, we would procrastinate and do it at nearly the due date so we normally hit it hard.

A good example of this is the story I’m writing right now. I’m doing it at literally the last possible moment, on the day that the newspaper is turned in for publication.

Newspaper is still probably the best class that I have ever taken. I met new people that are great, learned new things, like how to take a picture and design pages, as well as how to work with deadlines. I may have left after my first year,  but coming back to meet new reporters is amazing. Each one has such different interests and attitudes. Newspaper may be the hardest elective I’ve ever taken, but it is all worth it to be with the great people in the class.