We Card Sophomore and Under

Megan Olmsted, Reporter

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It has always been a debate at Ottawa High School and at many other high schools. Should underclassmen be allowed at prom? At many schools, underclassmen are allowed to go to prom, but only if their date is an upperclassman. Up until recently at OHS, the rule was the same as most other schools: underclassmen were allowed to go to prom if their date was an upperclassman. Many past OHS students went to prom all four years or even more.

Why did it change? Rumors say that upperclassmen were bringing in a lot of underclassmen that weren’t even their dates. Other people also argue that prom should be for junior and senior year only.

In my opinion, and many other students’, especially underclassmen dating upperclassmen at OHS, students should be allowed to go to prom if their date is an upperclassman. When the time comes around every year to start thinking about prom, students dating underclassmen can’t go to prom with their boyfriend or girlfriend. That boyfriend or girlfriend can go with someone else, get walked in, or not go at all. For the underclassmen, their boyfriend or girlfriend going with someone else feels like they’re renting a date for the night, like you would rent a suit or dress, without much say from the underclassman.

Having a few underclassmen in prom that are dating an upperclassman wouldn’t make a negative impact on prom at all. They would most likely even go unnoticed. What would be more important, is that they would be with their boyfriend or girlfriend instead of feeling left out. Any drama that goes on because of prom isn’t worth a few underclassmen not going.

In the end, prom will always be a special event for juniors and seniors. But, if a junior or senior is dating an underclassman, there is no reason the underclassman shouldn’t be able to go with them. Still, prom should never be open to the entire school. So it comes down to the question, what’s worse? Underclassmen could be allowed in, who upperclassmen might think are immature or annoying or underclassmen could be left out while their date is at prom without them.